Three Cute Gifts You Didn't Know You Could Buy from a Florist

19 July 2017
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Did you think that florists were just for pretty flower arrangements and fancy bouquets? Well, think again. Many florists offer a whole range of products made with flowers that are perfect gifts for all sorts of special occasions — birthdays, weddings, graduations and more. Read on for details on three cute gifts you probably didn't even realise you could get from your local florist.

Flower crowns

Want to make the recipient of your gift feel like a magical princess for the day? Then a flower crown is the perfect choice. This is an accessory that looks beautiful with almost any outfit or hairstyle, so it's hard to go wrong. You can pick the colours and type of flower for your crown, allowing you to create a really personal gift. If the crown is going to be worn for a specific occasion, try to get a picture of the outfit it needs to match and ask your florist to help co-ordinate. Asking the recipient for their favourite colours and flowers is another smart move that will ensure your gift is well-received. Crowns can range from large statement pieces made up of brightly coloured flowers to delicate arrangements of a single type of flower.

Floral hair combs

Feel like a flower crown is a little too much but still want to give a floral hairpiece of some kind? Floral hair combs are a great compromise. You get all the fun of a crown with all the convenience of a slide-in comb. Flower combs work well for all lengths of hair and can be combined with different hairstyles for effect. A flower comb used to finish a smart bun creates an elegant, classy effect that's perfect for weddings. A comb added to long hair that's left flowing free is perfect for a grungy festival look. Flower combs are so versatile that your recipient is sure to find a way of wearing theirs that suits their style perfectly.

Handbag corsages

Want to give a gift that's a fun twist on a traditional corsage? A handbag corsage is a great way to add colour and interest to an otherwise plain handbag. It's perfect if you're buying a gift for someone who isn't keen on wearing lots of fancy accessories but still wants to look extra special for a big event. Choose a corsage that matches their favourite handbag and it will instantly be transformed into a statement piece.

Want to buy a floral gift that isn't a bunch of flowers? Try one of the cute pieces described above.