Two Tips to Extend the Life of Your Cut Zinnias

8 August 2017
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Zinnias are beautiful, unusually-shaped flowers, so they make a striking addition to any floral bouquet. However, just like all other flowers, Zinnias need to be specially cared for if you want them to last well after delivery. As someone who has just received a flower delivery with Zinnias in it, attention given to your flowers now will dictate how long they last in your home. With the right care, Zinnias will look beautiful for up to three weeks, so use these tips to keep your beautiful blooms looking fresher for longer.

Stem Recutting

Once the flowers have arrived, the stems of your Zinnias need recutting before being placed in the vase. Because flowers are kept out of water during the delivery process, it is necessary to recut the stem so the flower can absorb water again.

It is recommended to place the flower stem under water before you cut it. Underwater cutting stops air getting into the stem during the cutting process. Air which gets trapped in a new cut stem prevents the flower from being able to absorb water, and this will shorten its lifespan.

When you cut the stem of your Zinnia, cut it at a 45-degree angle. Zinnia stems do not like to sit flat on the glass surface of a vase. Additionally, an angle cut increases the surface area of the flower which can absorb water. The more water it draws in, the longer it will survive.


Zinnias do not like cold temperatures, so the location of the vase is vital to their longevity. Make sure you do not place the flowers in an area where cold air blows over them. Cold air drafts from open external doors and air conditioning vents are both premature killers of these flowers.

Indirect sunlight is okay for these flowers, but direct sunlight is too hot. Do not place the vase close to a window in direct sunlight as it will dry out and kill the flowers. Additionally, keep your cut flowers away from the fruit bowl. The ethylene gas released as fruit decays is a killer of flowers.

Finally, check the colour of the water every second day. If it is starting to look cloudy, or there is plant decay in the water, replace the water and recut the stems. The key to keeping your Zinnias alive is keeping them well hydrated. A florist can give further life extension tips for your flower arrangements.