Adding a Little Something Extra to a Gift of Flowers

10 August 2017
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Sending flowers has long been a popular way to show someone you're thinking about them. One of the great things about flowers as a gift is that they're so versatile, and they're appropriate in some form for just about any occasion.

Although flowers are always gratefully received and make a wonderful gift on their own, you might feel like you want to add a little something extra. It can be difficult to come up with suitable ideas for giving alongside flowers, so here are some suggestions to help you out with your particular occasion.

Valentine's Day

If you're giving flowers to someone you're in a relationship with, a nice addition is something for you both to do together. Perhaps tickets to a concert, or popcorn and a DVD for a night in, wrapped up with a beautiful bouquet.

When it's someone you like but aren't in a relationship with, it's difficult to go wrong with the classic gift of chocolates, or a cute cuddly toy. If there's a particular animal the receiver likes, see if you can find a soft toy version of it and have it holding a single red rose.


When people are going through a bereavement, normal activities like eating properly sometimes take a back seat. Because of this, gifts that help them out can be extremely welcome. Baskets of fresh fruit, nuts and other healthy snacks mean they'll always be able to grab something nutritious to eat if they don't feel like cooking. You could also prepare freezable meals that can be reheated easily.

There are lots of traditions surrounding flower choices to accompany your gift, but another nice idea is a plant such as a rose bush that can be planted outside in the deceased person's memory.


On someone's birthday, a bottle of champagne or some other sparkling wine makes a great addition to a nice flower arrangement in colours the recipient likes. A bottle of fizz is particularly good when it's a significant milestone birthday, as popping the cork really provides a sense of occasion.


A traditional gift for a couple of family at Christmas time is a food hamper, which can include preserves, pickles, cheeses, wine and other items that are long-lasting. Instead of cut flowers, giving a seasonal plant like a poinsettia is a nice idea, as it will live throughout the festive season.

If a hamper doesn't appeal to you, a scented candle or two with Christmas-related smells makes a nice addition to a colourful plant.


Choose some colourful flowers to cheer up someone who's unwell, and give them some fresh fruit or homemade soup. If they're in hospital, make sure you check what's suitable before you take the gifts or have them delivered.