Why Buy a Silk Bridal Bouquet?

14 February 2019
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Not all brides have a fresh flower wedding bouquet. Some prefer to have a handmade silk flower arrangement. Silk bridal bouquets can look as good as fresh ones and have a few extra benefits. What are they?

Preserve Your Bouquet Forever

A fresh flower bridal bouquet may look fantastic on the day, but it won't last for long. Fresh flowers die.

While you can have your bouquet dried so you can keep it, it'll never look as good as it did on your wedding day. You can remember how your bouquet looked by looking at your wedding photos, but this isn't the same as actually having the original bouquet itself.

If you have a silk flower arrangement, then you can keep your bouquet forever. If you pack it away or display it carefully to avoid sun fading, then it will look exactly the same as it did on your wedding day years down the line.

This kind of arrangement turns into a tangible memory piece. You could even pass it down to your daughters so they can carry it as a family tradition when they get married.

Get the Arrangement You Want

While you get plenty of choice when you use fresh bridal bouquets, you may find that you can't get the exact flowers or colour schemes you want to carry on your wedding day. If the flowers you want aren't in season, then you may have to compromise and choose different ones.

For example, if you really want to incorporate cornflowers in your bouquet, but you're getting married in the summer, then these flowers may not be available. If they're really important to you, you could try to have them imported, but this comes at a cost.

One of the best things about silk flower arrangements is their flexibility. You can have any flowers you want in the bouquet even if they aren't in season. You can mix and match flowers to create the effect you want.

Silk bouquets also allow you to customise your arrangement in other ways. For example, if you're having a gothic black wedding, you can have an arrangement made in blacks and greys if you want. An experienced florist can produce silk arrangements to meet just about any need.

Talk to local wedding florists and ask to see some examples of their silk bridal arrangements. If you have specific ideas of your own, they can help you work out how to turn these ideas into a real bouquet.