Two Tips If You Want to Have Some Flowers Delivered to a Loved One

7 November 2019
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If you want to have a flower bouquet created by a florist and delivered to a loved one, the tips outlined here might be of use to you.

Pick the right delivery time

The florist will probably give you a choice of delivery 'windows' (i.e. specific periods of time when their flower delivery drivers can bring the bouquet to the recipient's address). Instead of picking the first available delivery period they have available, you should try to choose a period of the day when you think your loved one will be at home. If you're not sure of when this might be and you want the arrival of the bouquet to be a surprise, you may need to talk to someone that they live with or one of their friends to find out this information.

The reason you should do this is if the flowers are delivered when your loved one isn't around and cannot bring them inside, the flower delivery person might have to leave them on the doorstep of their house or in another safe, nearby location. Whilst they will do their best to pick a spot that will provide the flowers with some protection, there may not be many of these spots around your loved one's property.

If the bouquet is left outside for many hours (or even a full day, if the recipient happens to be staying somewhere else overnight), some of the petals could get broken if a heavy rainstorm occurs or they might shrivel up a bit, if exposed to the hot sun for a long time. As such, you should aim to have the bouquet delivered at a time when the recipient is very likely to be at home.

Choose flowers that have a specific symbolic meaning

When you tell the florist which types of flowers to use in the bouquet, you might want to pick varieties that have a symbolic meaning that the recipient might appreciate. Putting some extra thought into this will make the bouquet more special to this person.

For example, if they have just broken up with their partner and are feeling very low, you might want to instruct the florist to put lots of daffodils in the bouquet, as these flowers are said to symbolise new beginnings. This would be a nice way to subtly encourage the recipient to view the break-up of the relationship as a fresh start, instead of a sad and depressing end.